Team Camps

  • Designed to improve both the individual player & the team

  • Highly focused five day camp

  • Some on-field topics covered include:

    • Transition

    • Defending the Space

    • % Passing and Moving

    • Seeing the Danger and Covering

    • Speed / Agility / Quickness

    • Set Pieces

    • Finishing

  • Video Analysis Session

  • Team and Player Evaluation

Optional services include
Coach Education Day the Saturday after the camp:

  • Team building and mental coach, Gary Pritchard

  • College Bound Seminar with Joe Behan for kids and parents who want to know the A-Z's of getting into a college soccer program


Technical Director Club Services

Services include:

  • Implementation of the Kevin Grogan Soccer on-field brand

    • Based on Manchester United and Republic of Ireland training methods and philosophy

  • Coach and parent education

  • Club level Centre of Excellence

    • Designed for the top, coach-selected players within the club

    • Raises the bar for top tier players by providing additional high-level training and competition


Centre of  Excellence Individual Package

One year package for hand-picked players only.  Kevin Grogan will personally head hunt the players he feels have the greatest potential for succeeding in the game for this program. The COE includes, among other services:

  • Week-long camp

  • Training sessions

  • Team building / mental sessions

  • College Bound Seminar

  • One-on-one skills classes  


Elite Performance Seminars

Elite Performance Seminars will further your coaches', parent's and player's education by exposing them to some of the world's top soccer personal – some of who are currently at Manchester United.


Soccer Idol

The Soccer Idol is a high-level competition where the winner and a parent/guardian will receive a VIP trip to Manchester United.  The competition is based around a week long camp conducted and judged by top quality Kevin Grogan Soccer staff.  Training will touch on all aspects of the game.  The goal of the camp is to help all players improve so they can return to their club a better, more rounded player. We will be working on the 5 PILLARS of the GAME:  Tactical, Technical, Physical, Social and Mental.